Where Are You Most Likely To Find the HostGator Coupon Code?

You know the benefits of the HostGator VPS coupon code and why you should use it but it will not just happen. You have to know where to get the coupon code before you can use it and unlock the benefits of the discount. Of course, you will save a good amount of money and again, you will enjoy hassle free trial period for 30 days if you are a newbie customer. But no worry because at the end of the trial period, you  will already be in love with the web hosting service and you will want to sign up for a years’ service or even more.

Read about the HostGator coupons online so that you can know what kinds of discounts to expect with each package. Perhaps you want a dedicated server where you can host your business websites and manage everything on your own, have control over all server resources and be the chief administrator there is a discount for that.

Disadvantage of Hostgator Coupon Code

When you look around for a Hostgator coupon, you will need to remember that this does not cover your domain name registration. Hostgator tends to use the more expansive domain names, which is the main disadvantage to opting for them. The minimum that you would be paying is around 15 dollars per year.

However, you could bypass this by opting to register your own domain and then going to the hosting company. Of course, this will mean that you will not get the first year of domain registration free, which is something that Hostgator is able to offer; this will be something that you need to think about carefully.

If you decide to take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee, you will find that you still need to pay for the domain registration so buying your own first will probably be your best option. You will get to keep the domain name so that you can put it on whatever other hosting company that you want to.

Shared Hosting Selection Points to Consider

When selecting a shared hosting  service, you will see that many hosting servers offering this service also have an option for you to become an affiliate of the hosting company, and promote the host server and its services. It is worth pointing out here that the best paying affiliate commissions do not necessarily come from the best hosting sites.

It is always worthwhile to check out a few other parameters when selecting the host server that will accommodate your needs for your website most effectively.

You should also check out how long a particular hosting company has been in business; check out how reliable the hosting company is, what feedback you can find from existing customers and what support systems they have in place,  including response times.

If you do want to promote your hosting company on your website, this is a very subtle way of earning yourself a passive income that will help offset the cost of the hosting server company fee.

The Free WP Themes That Those In The Know, Know

You want to put up a blog. You need it to look good. You do not have the money to have one made for you or to pay some one to change one of the ones that are available. What do you do now?

Those in the know have a very easy way to get the free WP themes  to work for them instead of against them! This might take a little more time than you think you want to spend, however, what else do you have to do?

Using the control panel for WordPress, click on that button that mentions creating your own theme. The entire system will walk you through putting a simple theme together that is just what you had in mind and you can then expand on that.

Not feeling that adventuresome? You can use one of the very effective and tested themes that are available through that same control panel. Either option will give you the inspiration to try a little something different next time and it’s all free!